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An Interview with publicist Alyson Roy and fashion & beauty writer Kristin Booker, written by Alyson Roy

These days, a well-placed blog post can be just as valuable to your Fashion PR client as a print placement, and sometimes, even more effective, especially for brands with an e-commerce…

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I recently learned that there are still people who read my old critiques and fashion show coverage and that may be the biggest compliment i have ever received.

And hat got me thinking…

I know i haven’t really posted original content on here in forever and for that i apologize but the truth is i don’t really have a reason. i just allowed myself to be distracted by excuses and ended up neglecting one huge part of me: fashion writing.

Well never again!

I’ll soon be up to my old ways. Until then feel free to roam around in my archives to refresh your memory.